Not just another "business broker"...we are your professional Mergers & Acquisition Advisor.

In 1964, my grandfather, Denzil L. Prather (back row, far left in picture below), started Adena Petroleum, Inc. in Parkersburg, WV.  He ran his company like he lived his life...humbly and with integrity.  It wasn't uncommon for my grandfather to spend long days away from his family visiting his oil wells throughout Ohio and West Virginia.  Although the work was hard, I never heard him complain.  While he made a good living for himself and his family, he lived modestly and was always generous with his time and money, dedicating his life to his church, his family, and his community and remaining aware of how fortunate he was and the obligation that this good-fortune placed upon him to help others in his community.  

Adena Business Advisors, LLC, is named after Adena Petroleum in honor of my grandfather.  It is our goal to treat all of our clients the same way that my grandfather treated the people in his life.....with honesty, integrity, and character.  We are not just another "business broker", trying to cram together a deal that doesn't make sense just to earn a fee.  At Adena, we are M&A Advisors, and we partner with both buyers and sellers and their team of professionals (CPA's, attorneys, financial planners, etc.), making sure that every detail of the business sales process is handled professionally and diligently from beginning to end.

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Testimonial:  Targeting the Process to the Seller's Objectives